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At East Grove Farms we are working on building a farm that focuses on improving the health of the soil first. Organic growing methods and pesticide free technologies are tested and used on the farm. We hope to work with researchers in the future to discover the most effective methods for producing our crops while maintaining our commitment to sustainable agriculture

Mead list


Bumbleberry Mead

Our Bumbleberry Mead is a sweet melomel, or fruit mead. This mead is made from Concord grapes, elderberries and Aronia berries grown on the farm and handpicked with love. The locally sourced honey gives this mead a very smooth and wonderfully complex flavor. This mead is sparkling and has a beautiful rich red color with an easy drinking light body.


Shambletown is a fictitious location. Plans can be made to go there, however, most trips are taken without prior notice. Once you arrive, hilarious stories and pictures are some of the souvenirs you take with you when you leave.


Sunshower, a joyful expression of summer made with lemon, ginger, and elderflowers. This mead has refreshingly light flavors reminiscent summertime, but can be enjoyed all year round.

Elderberry Mead

This sweet mead is made with our own hand-picked elderberries that give it a nice rose’ color. Like all of our meads, no sugar is added to sweeten the wine, only honey. While this is a sweet wine, it has a more delicate body than you would expect. It has a beautiful bouquet and flavors of strawberry pie. Elderberry mead pairs well with spinach salads, grilled chicken, and fresh fruits, but can also go well with spicy Asian food. Try mixing it with soda for a wine spritzer.

Johnny Apple Mead

Soon to be an American classic, this apple mead, or cyzer, has a sweet and a tart side. Honey and cider come together to pack quite a punch, but it still retains the drinkability of mead.

Harvest Moon

Fall means cool weather, pumpkin pie, and the harvest moon! Harvest Moon Pumpkin Mead taste like pie in a glass. Enjoy this seasonal available in September.


Plumello is a sweet plum mead made from heir greengage gage plums grown on the farm. This is a melomel, or fruit mead, and is only made in small batches after a good harvest year. This is East Grove Farms’ hidden ambrosia.

Peach Grove

Peach Grove is a sweet mead made from locally grown white peaches. Hand picked and hand pitted peaches with an extra dose of honey give this wine a rich and smooth flavor with hints of spices.


Concordia is a light-bodied blend of Concord and Fredonia grapes. We then join Elderberries and Aronia berries for a complex fruity profile. This mead can be drunk anytime, but it is especially good during summer evenings.

Chili Capsimel

Now here is a fun wine, capsimel! This chili pepper mead is sweet and spicy with a chili in every bottle. You may pick up on that basil aromatics as well as jalapeno and bell peppers. Great for after dinner, this mead will get your taste buds dancing. Try it with your dessert course of baked fruit pie and ice cream.

White Pyment

With hints of mint and a dry tart, less this wine is our premier dry white. Made with frontenac gris grapes and local honey this is a wine for the distinguished wine coinsurer.

Elderberry Reserve

This is not your grandfather’s elderberry wine. This full-bodied red wine is made from Frontenac grapes grown here in Iowa that is fermented with elderberries off of the farm. The elderberries are high in tannins and they also help smooth out the cold varietal grapes natural acidity. Made in limited batches for the discerning wine drinker.


The Garretson farm was established in 1837 by Joel C. Garretson and wife Elizabeth. Coming by oxcart from Franklin Co, Ohio, they built a log cabin back in the timber and lived there for several years before building a wood frame home on the upland prairie. Joel and Elizabeth were active abolitionists in the East Grove and Salem communities. Missouri slave owners had a reward of $500 for Joel’s head.

The Garretson family has always appreciated the legacy of the old farm and family members have taken pride in retaining ownership of almost 900 acres of land passed down to them over the years. The farm that Joel C. Garretson purchased during his lifetime is still owned by his descendants and is in timber, conservation reserve acres, and traditional farming.



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